Rubber and Silicon Machines

JP-MJR 1 MJR Roller mixer for rubber

The continuous evolution of production machines is important for JP-TECH.

Today we are talking about our latest creation, the overhaul of a mixing mill for rubber. The machine has been completely overhauled as new, in fact we have done much more.

The MOOG Electrohydrostatic systems were installed on the machine for the first time in the world, which will allow the machine to move the mobile cylinder with a few liters of oil (the previous systems used about 200), as well as very low energy consumption.

JP-TECH has been offering green machines on the market for years with the latest technologies for the sector applied. Attention to energy and oil consumption has always been a strong point of JP-TECH. A heartfelt thanks goes to our customer Vibram Group for having accepted the challenge of assembling these innovative systems.

For years Vibram has been aiming for sustainability and a Totally Green of production, thanks to a staff attentive to the technological needs of the market and always ready to adopt the most innovative solutions.

A special thanks goes to our Partners who have worked with us to achieve this goal Moog Inc. - ROGAL S.R.L. - Multi Data s.r.l. - Maier Italia - UTP - TP Pneumatic Technologies - Sella Srl

Silicon filtering press

Belt cooler

Calender for rubber and silicon


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Internal mixer – Bambury

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Built with the use of new materials, with innovative mechanical solutions and customized management software.
Telescopic excursion that allows the transport of the material at greater distances with little encumbrances without inhibiting the normal work areas.