Silicon machines


Knife 98/1000: applicable on the two rolls mill max 1000 mm
Knife 98/1500: applicable on the two rolls mill >/= 1500 mm
We recommend installing these machines in all cases where it is not necessary to filter the product but there is a need to form strips of various sizes and lengths.
Clamping system and various adjustment options, knives
98/1000 and 98/1500 are well suited for installation on any type of two rolls mill
The special steel blades we studied are able to form strips of various sizes, starting at 30 mm. width up to 150 mm; the cutting blade, while being in contact with the cylinder during operation, does it no harm.
Vertical and horizontal displacement is by means of pneumatic pistons and activated with the appropriate Manipulator.
The work speed has the limit the maximum speed of the two rolls mill and/or the product to be formed.
With this system we can virtually produce infinite length strips..
The knife has achieved great acclaim in manufacturers of electrical cable, where the considerable consumption of silicon and packaging of long strips some hundred meters enable the autonomous operation of the line, allowing the operator to draw a mobility otherwise unthinkable.

The machine can be used to package products and services as in Materials Legend, numbers: [2], [3] and [4].

Talcing unit

This machine is used for talcing the silicone strips, with thickness varying from 15 to 40 mm. and variable width from 30 to 150 mm.
The speed can vary from 0 to 25 mt/1′
You can select two different speed adjustment: manual by turning the potentiometer, automatic with micro switch dancer, that in case of excessive tension automatically stops the machine.
The Strip is talced and brushed inside the tank to remove the excess powder.
Talc in the tub is circulated with appropriate screws in order to maintain the streak in diving.
to delete the talcum powder in brushing uses a vacuum cleaner. You can also connect the machine to the central vacuum cleaner system.
The 2000/2 talcing unit is on wheels and can be easily positioned on different production lines open mixer fitted with our 98/1000-98/1500 knife, strip, extruders , Barwell, etc. ..
The use of this machine is extremely simple: the talched strips are deposited from the operator in a box, or packaged in pizzas through our Winder 96/500-800/96.

The Talcing unite is used for talched the products represented in Materials Legend, numbers [2] and [3].


This machine was designed and built by us has gained considerable interest in all cases where it is necessary to the packaging of talced and wound strips (pizzas).
The two models differ only for the ability to make pizzas that have 500 and 800 mm diameter max.
The maximum working speed is 20 mt/1′.
Also on this machine there is option of manual or automatic speed adjustment.
Alternating the two plates winding cycle is continuous, so you never need to stop the machine.
The reel 96/500-96/800 is used to package products and services as represented in Materials Legend, number [3].

Log Cutter

This machine is our solution to cut logs. square shape and/or rounds with dimensions max 200 and 250 mm minimum length, Ø 700 mm max.
You can set the length of the cut with electric sensor, the piston makes the cut and then the tape has an acceleration of speed to facilitate the detachment of the Log. cutter.
98/150-98/300 is mounted on wheels to allow it to move to different machines type dies, Barwell, double Z mixer with unloading Auger, etc. ..
Also in this case the speed is changeable to suit the most diverse needs.
The two models differ only for cutting capacity: the first 100 or Ø 100 x 100; the second Ø 200 or 200 x 200.
The machine is used to package products and services
as shown in Materials Legend, numbers [5] and [6].


The machine is used when the Strip 400 Polythene to avoid pollution, cannot be talced.
It too can be used manually or automatically adjusting the speed (from 0 to 15 meters per minute).
The actuation operation is extremely easy, and packaging of the Strip wrapped in polythene always effective.
The machine is mounted on wheels: can be used in combination with several lines supplying strips

With Polythene 400, it is possible to package the product represented here, number [4].

Loader 2 section

The loader has the task of transporting the components of mixes from the weighing area inside the machine (double “Z”).
It can be used in manual mode, both in automatic. In automatic mode the operator files a component on tape 1°, a photoelectric sensor performs a load step and frees the loading area ready for the next deposit: the
procedure is repeated until complete loading of the ribbon 1°.
The operator presses the download button in the machine, the tape 2° goes into downloading position in the machine, the tape 1° deposit the first component on the 2°tape which starts rotating download in
machine then stops and unloads the second component: repeats the cycle up to delete all components.
The automatic cycle stops when thetapes are empty and then return to the rest position.
During manual operation, all operations are performed by the operator acting on the buttons.
Loading systems are specifically designed to meet the specific needs of many different types of machines.

Loader 1 section

The loader 1 section does the same work of the loader 2 sections.
The Monobloc solution is designed to meet the loading
for machines with mixers particular dimensions, and in all cases where the area available is greatly reduced.

Loader for Powder

The loader for Powder allows the introduction of components dosing the ideal amount of product in order to amalgamate in a short time the powders to solid products.
The operator introduces the amount of dust in the Silo; push the download button to start the cycle to the previously set speed.
Powder charging system stops automatically empty Silos.
The loader represented on the facing page is the base type to manual system.
We can provide automatic systems for opening the bag, filling the Silos, weighing and metering discharge product into the machine.

Materials Legend

1) Crude compound

2) Continuos strip and talcum

3) Strip and talcum and rolled (pizza)

4) Continuos strip packaged in polythene

5) Log. square shaped section

6) Log. round diameter variable