Technology for urban waste

What is Dicotom?

Dicotom is a urban solid waste disposal plant able to turn waste into heat energy and/or electricity, while recovering metals which nowadays are the only items which nature is not able to restore by itself; as a matter of fact, today, even the most advanced systems. Mr. Ranchetti, Dicotom‘s inventor and developer, by using some test plants, followed a simple approach to implement an easy theory in order to solve the waste issue: in nature everything is organic, is nothing but a molecule which contains carbon, hydrogen and sometimes few other chemical elements. All organic compounds are able to transform themselves by releasing or absorbing energy through endothermic or exothermic reactions, creating something different and evolving into everything “alive” that surrounds us: plants, animals, bacteria etc
On the other hand on our planet, metals and inorganic substance came out in particular conditions far away from being compatible with alive elements, therefore sooner or later many of them will end up or become unavailable; this condition definitely lead us to find solutions to safeguard and make a good use of them

Download here DICOTOM presentation (PDF)

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