JP-TECH offers its customers an accurate and specific service to solve their production problems. We study, design and build new or overhauled machines in order to help customers improve their production, increasing the production cycle with more efficient but sustainable machines, completely in 4.0, certified and with total control over the machine operating status.
We offer machines that allow easy use for the operator, accurate product control and maximum safety during the work phase.


JP-TECH supplies new construction machines, such as Mixing mill, Calenders, Kneaders, Extruders, Batch-off and many others.
JP-TECH can supply the primary machinery or the entire production line custom designed to solve the customer's production problems.

All machines are built according to the highest quality standards and comply with current regulations.

All JP-TECH machines are treated in detail to meet the highest standards of safety and sustainability; They guarantee the best production performance as well as guaranteeing high energy savings thanks to the new technologies applied.

Our machines / lines make it possible to detect and record a large amount of data that can be used for production control or for the study of new products.


For JP-TECH, revamping a new machine means giving it new life.
The machine is completely disassembled, washed and repainted.
All mechanical parts are rebuilt, bringing them back to all original tolerances.
The latest technologies on the market are installed, a new electrical panel and a new operator panel are supplied.

The machine is supplied with JP-TECH Software, which includes not only the machine management cycle but also data collection for 4.0 and safety control procedures.
Finally, we provide complete assistance, up to the certification phase for the recovery of the tax credit on an industry 4.0 plan.



JP-TECH studies and designs machines that can solve the production problems of its customers.

We build production machines or accessory machines that allow our customers to find a solution when the market fails to offer it.


JP-TECH owns used machines ready to be overhauled and certified.
At JP-TECH there are no ready machines as each machine is rebuilt, adapting it to every single request.

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JP-TECH offers a complete service package.
We take care, on request, of the entire order.

1) Machinery Supply
2) Supply of Heating / Refrigeration system
3) Supply of suction system
4) Supply of Heating / Refrigeration distribution system
5) Supply of building parts, Passages for Electric Line, Pneumatic and Water Supply
6) Layout and know-how