We internally design and build machines and plants for rubber and silicone processing.

All our machines are designed to be able to provide our customers with reliable, safe, sustainable, technologically advanced machines capable of guaranteeing a better production yield.

The design and study as well as the construction of each JP-TECH project must respect points that are fundamental for us and for our customers, such as:

Our projects must guarantee maximum safety to the operators who are engaged in production, for this reason we respect all the rules and indications dictated by the regulations, always keeping up to date; we apply the best electronic and mechanical components to ensure operator control and safety as well as the inclusion in a software system dedicated to guaranteeing safety.
Safety is not only linked to the operator but also to the machines.
We assemble the best components on the market for checking the condition of the machine.
JP-TECH has studied and filed patents dedicated to guaranteeing all this.

Each project was born with the idea of ​​being able to install Green machines in companies.
Machines that guarantee, from the very beginning, sustainable production with the reduction of oil and energy and with the reduction of processing waste.

Our projects are at the forefront.
We apply the best technologies on the market, always looking for new ones.

We have developed and filed several patents.
When the solutions to be applied do not exist on the market, we ourselves design and implement them.