Industria 4.0

In the midst of the industrial revolution, JP-TECH designs and builds machines and systems designed to control the entire production process, the safety of the machinery, the operator as well as the exchange of data between the machine and research laboratories or the external environment.

All this is possible thanks to the application of the best components on the market and to management software created specifically to control all processes and safety and able to manage and store countless data.

Our plants comply with all type A, B and C regulations regarding the design of machines and their safety, as well as reaching all the maximum values required by the performance levels (PLr).

The final result is an optimization of the production with an increase of the same, sustainable machines thanks to our energy saving programs and safer machines for the operators who will be able to work in total safety that will be guaranteed by the components, by plc dedicated only to this function and to the structural adjustment of the machines.

JP-TECH in addition to the machines prepared for 4.0, can also provide all the documentation required for the recovery of tax credits including the expertise in case of amounts exceeding € 300,000.00.